Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'm in two shows this week at The Gladstone, The first is Best in Show, and the second is IRQ

Celebrate 10 years of a good thing; look into the world of tomorrow.
10 years ago;
We were analog.
10 years later,ANACHRONISMS creates an alternate history, which explores the impact of technology by endowing past eras and civilizations with artifacts and objects before their time. The objects’ influence may vary from threat to salvation; whether their appearances perpetuate utopia or destruction is determined by each individual artist. In turn, each piece raises the question: are we at present fully aware of the consequences with this exponential rate of advancement, or are we as naïve as we ever were?You must slack to survive.

Best In Show is a fresh look at a very talented group of emergent, late-emergent and mid- career artists who are making waves in the art world. Best In Show is a perennial survey of works by artists on the cusp of great success in their artistic careers. The artists’ works show a strong maturity through years of refining and honing their craft, to yield very exciting and fresh works to salute the season.The second installment of James Hewitt’s annual group show offers a diversity in media with a new roster of Canadian talents who incorporate traditional techniques of artistic production married with a sense of forward thinking and imagination resulting in a collection of strong works beautifully coalesced by a shared sense of looking backwards to inform the present. This is revealed in the intriguing and stimulating content of the works while preserving and finessing traditional techniques of art and design.
Thurs March 7 to Sun March 31
Exhibition Hours: 12-5pm daily
Venue: 4th Floor Gallery
Opening Reception:  Thurs, March 7, 7pm-10pm

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